ICC adds a new product to its range, a cable suitable for use in underwater infrastructure of fish farming.

Designed and manufactured entirely by our R&D Team, the cable meets the customer’s precise technical requirements for the specific use in deep and salt water. In fact, the construction of a cable suitable for underwater use requires a careful study, in which the effect of underwater depth and the length of the immersed section is evaluated.

We have conducted a careful and detailed analysis of the materials to ensure the resistance of the product underwater, even for prolonged times, up to a depth of 100mt (10 bar pressure). In addition, the sheath has special anti-abrasive characteristics and is designed to prevent the formation of algae on its surface.

Another one of its strengths is the mechanical resistance to marine currents, especially to withstand the heavy stresses of cold North Sea waters.

Also crucial was the product testing phase: we built a device with sea water under pressure up to 10 bar to simulate the final application. The cable was submerged for 15 days, and the final tests confirmed the suitability of the product.

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