Lighting cables and lighting design market

A wide range of lighting cables for lighting industry applications.

In the past, the lighting market required electrical cables mainly performing at high temperatures and adequate to the sometimes-high operating voltages of the lighting systems in use.

With the spread of LEDs as an alternative to halogen, the need for cables with high thermal and electrical performances has diminished, while the need for products with refined aesthetics and small dimensions has become increasingly popular.

The power cord is often an integral part of the overall image of the product and contributes significantly to its aesthetic result. In addition to being functional, it is important that the power cord is as much in line as possible with the design of the lighting system for which it is intended.

Types of lighting cables

In this changing market, ICC offers a wide range of lighting cables.For instance, ICC fluorocarbon resin-insulated cables meet these requirements perfectly: they have very high electrical and mechanical properties, in very thin thicknesses suitable for miniature connections. Moreover, the feasibility of custom finishes means that the final product can adapt to the need for a refined aesthetic.

ICC offers fluorinated cables with ETFE, FEP, PFA and MFA insulation, with IMQ, VDE and UL mark, as well as customized options for a variety of applications.

Customization of lighting cables

Customizations can involve both conductors and insulation

In combination with fluorocarbon resin, cables can be sheathed with other materials, including PVC, polyolefins, silicone, and rubber, all consistent with application requirements. Their design can also include textile or metal load bearing suspension elements.

In addition to a wide variety of colors, as well as bi-color versions, other customizations features may involve the outer coverings: textile or metal braid, with mechanical or aesthetic protection function.

Connectors and Cabling

Our  Special Connections Business Unit completes ICC offer with the integration of connectors and harnesses: thus, ICC can be a single point of contact for the most complex market requirements.

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