Work Life Balance & Welfare

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Work-life balance

Our hybrid and flexible working model is designed to balance the employee’s private and professional life, thus positively influencing mental and physical well-being and balance:

  • smart working
  • flexible working hours
  • remote working
Work-life balance


We adopt solutions aimed at improving the corporate climate, also in response to the needs emerging from company surveys, which we periodically propose to the entire team.

The ICC Welfare programme offers support and assistance in several areas:

  • welfare platform and flexible benefits
  • additional contributions when converting the performance bonus into welfare
  • contributions to education
  • contributions for recreational activities 0 – 14
  • agreements for recreational services
  • supplementary health care
  • supplementary retirement provision


We believe in the importance of creating an inclusive environment, based on trust and mutual respect, which enables employees to express themselves freely. With this in mind, we promote various initiatives aimed at strengthening intra-company interactions and engagement:

  • onboarding paths
  • company surveys
  • corporate events & workshops
  • company contests
  • staff meetings on company performance
  • iCC logo clothing
  • farewell interviews with retirees

Environmental Sustainability

We have launched a new investment plan that has translated into concrete actions our desire to move in an eco-sustainable direction. Small steps towards greater energy savings in the company, which will influence the quality of the surrounding area:

  • recycling raw materials
  • energy requalification and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • water saving initiatives


We invest in the professional and personal growth of our employees, through the promotion of training paths and the constant development of skills.
We collaborate with the academic world by developing new projects and initiatives that allow us to get in touch with a new generation of talents, aware that the mutual exchange of new ideas and points of view can bring added value to our company:

  • career Days
  • classroom speeches at Schools & Universities
  • partnerships with Schools & Universities
  • internship Programs
  • career Paths
  • performance Management

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