Gender Equality

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Our Commitment to an Inclusive Company

At ICC, we have always encouraged a corporate culture based on respect in all its aspects.
We have several initiatives aimed at countering gender stereotypes and any form of violence, adopting a fair and inclusive approach.
We positively recognize and value diversity, constantly working to ensure equitable access to employment opportunities, services and programs for all people, regardless of personal characteristics that do not affect performance, competence, knowledge or qualifications.

ICC rejects and opposes all forms of discrimination based on gender, race, color, religion, creed, age, ethnic origin, nationality, marital status, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristic and/or condition. In addition, ICC requires its employees, business partners, and suppliers to create and maintain an inclusive, discrimination-free environment in any context in which they work on behalf of the company, or participate in ICC-related projects, processes, events, or activities.





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How can you report gender discrimination?

Submit a report

Submit a report

ICC has arranged several reporting channels, which ensure the confidentiality of the reporter’s identity in handling and processing the report. Here how to submit your report:


Registered letter with return receipt to the address: Via Antonio Gramsci 28, 25122, Brescia (BS), to the attention of Mr. Michael Migliorati


+ 39 3477825750