Italian Cable Company (ICC) is a leading manufacturer of power cables and electric wires for industrial applications. The headquarters as well as the main manufacturing plant are located in Bolgare, in the north of Italy. Since the original founding of Rota Cavi, the Rota Family has been directly involved in the management and the development of the business on the domestic and international markets.

The Rotas’ entrepreneurial drive led to the acquisition of Tuste in 1994. The two companies later merged to become Italian Cable Company in 2001. A name expressed in English to convey the desire of expanding abroad while still assuring the quality and reliability of the ‘’Made in Italy’’.

The following step in the growth of ICC was its strong expansion abroad with two sister companies: E-Cablaje in Romania and Tecno-Indusil in Argentina. In Italy, Siltek, manufacturing high temperature cables, was acquired in 2005 and merged into ICC in 2009.

The ever growing complexity of the cable market requires attention and flexibility, so throughout the years ICC has adapted its vision in order to act for the change. ICC is nowadays a key reference in the global cable market, but never stops seeking for renewal, aiming at excellence , complying with the highest technical requirements, searching for custom tailored solutions and exceeding customer expectations. In the perspective of continuous improvement ICC daily invests in efficiency and in the optimization of its production processes.

Our strengths: investments in research and development, cutting edge technology, organizational flexibility and constant attention to the community and the environment.
With over half century of activity, manufacturing facilities in Italy and abroad and over 600 employees, Italian Cable Company has attained the reputation of a worldwide player.

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    Via Francesca, 8 – 24060 BOLGARE (BG) Italy
    Tel 035 4493011 – Fax 035 4493097

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