With the aim of a continuous improvement, we have installed a new dynamic simulator for cables used in drag chain applications at our Bolgare plant, which allows us to enhance quality testing through a faster assessment of product life cycle.

This machinery tests the flexibility and strength of cables used in dynamic applications such as automated systems, conveyor belts, robotized warehouses and machine tools.

In detail, it simulates the movement of the cable during the final application, subjecting it to severe mechanical stress. By performing millions of bending cycles, we can identify both electrical and structural potential anomalies, thus ensuring the quality and reliability of the final product.

Technical characteristics:

The machine consists of four horizontal chains, each with a length of 10 meters and an adjustable bending radius to cover ICC wide product range, faithfully replicating the movement of the cable in its application.

The device parameters are:

speed: 10 m/s

acceleration: 50 m/s2

bending radius: up to 200 mm

Also, thanks to these investments, ICC meets the highest quality standards, making it the ideal partner for your needs.

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