“Study Rewards You” – 10th Edition

ICC rewarded the academic excellence of employees’ children by awarding 14 scholarships for scholastic merit through the “Study Rewards You” initiative, now in its 10th year.
To celebrate this important milestone, the event was held in the prestigious setting of GAMeC, the Bergamo Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art. It was an afternoon full of inspiration, a tribute to culture and art, which was attended by young talents and their families.
Paolo Rota, on behalf of the ICC Board of Directors, opened the event by praising the commitment, dedication and success of the award-winning students, highlighting how they represent the foundation of our future.
There was also a special mention of the challenge of sustainability and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) principles, particularly gender equality, which is rooted precisely in the education of young people, and which ICC is focusing on and investing in with the intention of continuing to build and ensure a fair and inclusive work environment.
The exciting moment of the awards ceremony was followed by an exclusive guided tour of the Gallery’s halls, designed specifically for the occasion.
Pictured are the winners and recipients of the Tenth Edition, together with the ICC Board of Directors.