Italian Cable Company: The Origins


From the first copper wire to the most innovative solutions:
investing in top performances since 1961

Who started this long journey?

Bergamo, second Post-War period.

Giuseppe Rota approached the world of cables, inspired by a friend who worked at Tuste, the only factory producing electrical cables in Villongo (Bergamo) at that time.

After purchasing the first machinery, in 1961 Giuseppe Rota founded F.C.E. (Electric Cables Factory) with his sons Luigi and Bruno.

These were the years of the “economic boom” and F.C.E. became a partner of the main industrial design brands of the period.

Ten years later, his sons Enrico and Ottavio also joined the company: F.C.E. changed its name to Rota Luigi e F.lli Sas.

The Rota brothers, determined to carry on their father’s dream, immediately contributed to the company’s development: they incorporated the C.E.M.P. company in Villongo (BG), taking control of the entire production chain.

In 1982, the company became Rota Cavi S.p.A. with 14,000 square metres of production area, a turnover of 15 billion Lire, 70 employees and a set of very innovative technologies at the time.

As the ‘90s approached, thanks to the entrepreneurial strategy of the Rota family, the business expanded into the domestic market and beyond.

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Fun fact:

“Radio.Cubo”, launched by Brionvega in 1965, was an innovative radio receiver, made with cables and wiring by Rota Cavi S.p.A.!
Now it is present in the main museums of the world as a symbol of Made in Italy style and design.