ICC XL-EVA techno-polymer insulated cables: AWM STYLE 30043 – 30044 – 30073 – 30074 – 30071 – 30072 and TRI-RATED LSOH

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One of the strengths of Italian Cable Company’s production is the ability to work on various and multiple sheathing materials, thus ensuring a mix of cable types intended for different areas of application.

In the range of products insulated with special technopolymer XL-EVA, ICC also offers cables with cURus certification (Recognized Component for US & Canada): AWM STYLE 30043 – 30044 – 30073 – 30074 – 30071 and 30072.

These cables are particularly suitable for special applications, where it is necessary to combine high thermal and mechanical performance with the reduced emission of fumes and corrosive gases in case of fire. The presence of the UL mark permits their use in all sectors where UL certification is required. They are typically used for wiring inside electronic equipment and household appliances, electric motors and windings, electrical and control panels, as well as for connecting heating or defrosting systems.

The particular formulation of the insulating material allows the use of these products in a wide range of temperatures and voltages: from -50 C to 150 C (continuous service temperature up to 125 C, according to UL requirements) and for voltages up to 1000V. Halogen free cables with low smoke emission ensure a reduced flame propagation, according to the tests provided for UL CSA FT-1 / FT-2 and IEC 60332-1-2. The XL-EVA rubber also shows a wide compatibility with class F varnish, ozone, UV and mineral oils, as well as an excellent tear resistance.

The same characteristics and performances are also available for multi-standard cable type TRI RATED LSOH: the brands UL, CSA and IMQ-HAR are unified in a single product. The cable is approved according to the standards UL 758, CSA c.22.2 No. 210, AWM STYLE 30072; EN 50525-3-41 (H05/07Z-K); BS 7211 Type 2491B. It is also CPR EU 305/11 certified in Eca class.

It is the ideal type of cable that unifies in a single product the standards required on the European and American markets, with a guarantee of high performance.

For further info please download our technical data-sheet and contact our Sales team.

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