ICC focus towards the environment is growing, and we are particularly focusing on production processes to better guide future decisions.

EPD Declaration

We have embarked on a journey to obtain the internationally recognized Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which allows us to quantify the environmental impact along the life cycle of products, adopting a cradle-to-grave perspective.

In this long and complex process, we are supported by by Alberto Bolis, a fifth-year student in Management Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, who will use ICC as a case study for his dissertation on Life Cycle Assessment Applications and Methodology, the basis of the EPD.

Alberto’s experience

Thanks to this experience, I am putting into practice the notions learned in university about the L.C.A. methodology, which is the main operational tool used to objectively analyze the energy and environmental loads associated with cable production. This experience is also enriching me from a professional and relational point of view; in fact, I am working transversally with different company figures to acquire data and technical information, necessary for the study.”

A look into the future

This project is part of a broader journey, in which ICC aims to align corporate operations with the ESG pillars: Environmental (environment), Social (society) and Governance (Corporate Organization). We are committed to developing business models that foster economic growth while protecting the environment.

In photography Alberto Bolis, with tutor Gian Carlo Garbo, R&D Manager and Pietro De Mattia, Business Development & Key Account Manager.