WCM Project: the team is growing!

In ICC, we have started a growth path that involves the whole Operations area and aims at WCM, a possibility to reach production excellence.

We are proud to have involved in our project team also Emanuele Nesi and Samuele Maiolli, two engineers of the course in Industrial Management at Politecnico di Milano, methodologically supervised by Eng. Federica Costa.

Since October, the engineers have been actively involved in the 13 WCM sites of ICC. In particular, they follow the development of the WCM pillars: Workplace Organization, Logistic & Customer, Focus Improvement.

The tasks include the knowledge and application of SMED methodologies for system time verification, machine tooling and departmental audits. Our technicians are engaged in the preparation of Kanban and Infoboard to implement Visual Management in the departments.

At ICC we think that partnership projects like this represent perfectly #TheNextGenerationWay: a mutual injection of experience that will help us both to grow!