ICC expands its range of CPR certified cables

We would like to inform you that ICC has obtained the extension of the CPR certification for bigger sizes of single core energy cables. This achievement attests the constant quality and safety of ICC products, according to the law.

The extension of our CPR certificates covers the following products:

FG16M16 Cca-s1b;d1;a1 Extension to sizes 1×500 and 1×630 mm2
FG16R16 Cca-s3;d1;a3  Extension to sizes 1×400; 1×500 and 1×630 mm2
FG18M16 B2ca-s1a;d1;a1 Extension to sizes 1×400; 1×500 and 1×630 mm2

The European Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2011 covers all products manufactured to be permanently installed in buildings and other civil engineering works.

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